Theology Corner

A communal network of theological blogs and podcasts that explores the depths of the Christian tradition and its implications for human flourishing.

At the beginning of summer 2017 a group of graduate students in theology wondered what it would look like to create a network of blogs and podcasts for the broader Christian community. This idea quickly blossomed into Theology Corner.

How We Started

Upon the initiative of a few graduate students, Theology Corner officially launched in January of 2018. We had a conviction that there was a need for an online space to serve not only as a platform for various bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters in the Christian tradition to share their content with a wider audience, but also to function as a place and means by which ideas that are typically siloed within the academy can be made accessible to the world at large. 

Our Mission

The aim of this network is rather straightforward. By bringing together voices from across the theological spectrum, we strive to provide high quality content to an audience that wishes to dive into the depths of the Christian tradition and explore the implications for human flourishing.

In time, we aspire to be the internet’s premier destination for online theological discourse.

Who We Are

The contributors to this website range from graduate students to pastors, and lay theologians to early career academics. Occasionally, there will be guest posts from established scholars in their respective disciplines who participate in our various symposia discussing recent publications and various contemporary issues.

You Can Help

Have an idea about how we can improve the website? Know someone who should become a contributor on the network? Feel free to use the form below and share your tips!

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