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We’re excited to expand our network of contributing writers and podcasters! By becoming a contributor on Theology Corner, you become part of a network with some of the brightest up-and-coming theologians in the world.

What You Receive

When you make Theology Corner your home for online content, you get free access to our full blogging and podcast platform, as well as technical support to make sure that your page is polished and ready to share with the thousands of visitors that view our website every month.

What We Expect

At this juncture, we have a few expectations for our contributors:

  • Publicize your content. We do our best to promote new blogs and podcasts with our audience on social media, but if we shared everything we would we would quickly be viewed as spam. Bearing that in mind, we expect our contributors to take the initiative to share their own work on their personal online accounts.
  • Post regularly. At this point we are not expecting people to commit to creating new content every week or two, but we do expect that you will regularly publish new content.

Featured Contributors

Soon we will be launching channels on the website for a new level of “featured” contributors. Those who are featured will need to meet several qualifications:

  • Be available for a Skype interview.
  • Pass a quality control assessment.
  • Consistently publish high-quality content.
  • Be willing to help promote Theology Corner on social media.

These added qualifications aside, featured contributors will receive several special benefits not available to standard contributors:

  • The ability to create and customize personalized pages on your corner of the website to go into greater depth about your bio, upload articles, etc.
  • Technical assistance to customize your content.
  • Access to detailed information about the amount and frequency of visitors to your page.
  • A guarantee that your content will be shared with our audience on social media.

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