Stephen Waldron

Stephen Waldron is a writer who lives in Massachusetts. He holds an M.A. in Systematic Theology from Marquette University. He works in the library services industry and does volunteer work in political and church contexts. He believes that Jesus shows us who God is and what human beings should be like, and that fighting for equality among human beings is a crucial way to love our neighbors.

Doing Theology in Public

Rather than coddling his hearers in a November 16, 1938 sermon in Berlin, he told them what they needed to hear in the days following the barbarity of the Kristallnacht pogroms: “God is disgusted at the very sight of you.” We might say that Gollwitzer was doing theology “in and for the church,” but he certainly had a unique approach to doing so.

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What Was a Nazi Church Service Like?

In the midst of a fierce struggle for control of the churches, the pro-Nazi “German Christian” faction preached sermons, edited Bibles, revised hymn-books, altered liturgies, and changed the church calendar. Sometimes they made drastic changes. At the same time, they inherited a form of Christianity that offered little opposition to Nazism.

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