Many people when they hear of anarchists or Anarchism picture this image of chaos of a society where anything goes and there’s absolutely no rules. Although this is a false dichotomy when I tell people I’m an anarchist and a Christian I get a visceral reaction, “how” they say easy because I see anarchy In the biblical text and even in the nature of God.

First things first let’s get rid of the notion that anarchy is chaos and absence of order. Anarchism is inherently anti-authoritarian but this does not equate no order, rather anarchism is a different type of order. Order doesn’t necessarily equal laws, and hierarchy. This is obvious in some of the arbitrary laws we have in society now. People always say well if there weren’t laws and the state people would just do what they want, this happens now, the rich are able to steal, kill and destroy at their convenience and seemingly nobody talks about this as chaos. Because in reality Anarchism is about mutual aid and horizontal relationships with each other, Anarchists believe this can be done without the State we don’t need the State for revolution but people power. Anarchists believe this can be done because as someone once said The Revolution is not a one time event. It’s a continual ongoing process and if you view it in this framework the possibilities are endless.

People often point to the State as being different than intrapersonal relationships which is true but I would like offer up that like most systems of this world the State can not be reformed but must be dismantled and contested at every possibility. Anarchism opposes the idea that power and domination have to control Society. The State upholds white supremacy, sexism, homophobia, capitalism and other systems of oppression I don’t believe the State is neutral in this. A systems of oppression usually work together to target particular people groups (i.e. Black trans women). But this doesn’t negate that the State must be dismantled, not to make it so singular and myopic and day the State is all our problems no we must look at the world at large and realize that just one leg to the huge elephant of oppression that plagues this world. Yes our anarchism must be intersectional or its dead. We can’t just see the world as it can be but we must look at how it is. We must strive to destroy capitalism. We must win.