Two months ago, I released my debut book entitled Body Zero – Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ”. Jesus is coming, the Church isn’t ready and we’re not living a though He is.

Because of the radical call to action of the book, one month before its release date, our publisher got cold feet and wanted to begin an 11th hour negotiation about the nature of the main call to action of the book. We didn’t want to do that because we didn’t feel that was what we’d be given to run with (See Jeremiah 26:2). So we made the courageous decision to ‘go solo’. You can read more about why I took this decision here.

The book has sold well in these first couple of months; almost all of the initial print-run has been sold in more countries than I can remember. You see a little behind the scenes, below.

A little vid from Body Zero’s launch week

Last weekend we were massively blessed to be reviewed in one of the UK’s most iconic Christian magazines. From 1985 to 2006, Prophecy Today was published in the UK in paper form and grew to have the largest UK readership of any Christian magazine. Edited by the respected Clifford Hill, it became an iconic publication renowned for boldly declaring the word of God. You can read their review of Body Zero here.

If you’re looking for a book about the return of Jesus, the madness of splintered, contradictory forms of ‘doing church’, this might be for you.

You can pick up a paperback copy of the book for £8.99 or an eBook version for £5. Visit the Body Zero Book shop here!

There are also ten teaching vlogs to accompany the book here

Body Zero vlog #1