Since avowed white separatist and founder of the alt-right Richard Spencer began to try his hand at converting young millennials, there has been a rise in the popularity of the movement that can only be described as stomach-churning. 

Spencer’s goal is to normalize white supremacy by using similar phraseology as “It’s okay to be white” and “white pride.” Many of those frustrated with the correlation of progressivist policies and a clear diversity agenda have turned to white supremacy as a simple binary to make sense of this (confusing?) paradigm. I get the frustration. I too am frustrated that the right has not adopted a diversity agenda of its own, and that diversity has become an issue of the left. 

This is not surprising, however. Since crazed conservative Dinesh D’Souza who claimed that the alt-right and fascism is actually leftism taken to its logical end (which makes as much sense as saying communism is the right taken to its logical end), claiming that it is “socialism for white people.” The Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP) was not akin to leftist socialism. It was Hitler’s conscious use of a leftist term to subvert leftism from the outset that generated this confusion. To think otherwise is intellectual laziness at best (NB: D’Souza wrote a whole book on this ‘misguided’ thesis that is a best seller among neo-nazis and ethno-nationalists like Spencer). 

It is easy to tell whether you are a white supremacist. Like most things, this paradigm exists on a scale from, say, Trump (someone who does not condemn neo-Nazism) to Hitler (yes, Godwin has won again). Conservatives who read me charitably will appreciate the Trump name-drop since it places him at the lowest end of the white supremacy spectrum. These individuals may say insensitive things that would be considered racist by neo-Marxist CRT (critical race theory) standards but would be praised as “politically incorrect” by most conservatives at worst (noting that political correctness is the bane of their existence). Here are determining statements that I have developed after careful reflection and conversation with known white nationalists/separatists. The greater degree that you agree with these statements, the closer to Hitler you are on the scale. The more you disagree, the closer you are to Trump or to moving off the scale altogether. Here we go: 

1. It is venerable to be proud of one’s white heritage. 

2. Whites and blacks are better off when physically separated from one another.

3. White people are culturally and morally superior to black people, on average. 

4. Black people have lower IQs and are therefore less intelligent than white people, on average. 

5. People of the Asian race (particularly East Asia) are genetically predisposed to a higher intelligence than the rest of the world.

6. Black suffering and the ills of the black experience are not due to white racism.

7. The ills of the black experience are due to cultural factors only, such as laziness, lack of focus on the traditional family unit and the birthing of children out of wedlock, black-on-black crime, and lack of engagement in the educational system.

8. Black extremism must be countered by a co-equal white extremism. 

9. If blacks and other minorities only worked harder, they could succeed to the level of whites.

10. Whites are more ethnically American than blacks or other minorities. 

If you agree on any level with the aforementioned statements, you might be a white supremacist or follower of the alt-right or in danger of becoming one. Spencer’s goal in repackaging white supremacy for cool kids is a moral disgrace and should be treated as such by media outlets across the board. These aforementioned statements are not only false but racist at their core. 

As always, I welcome constructive disagreements and comments. This issue is near to my heart as many of my friends have unapologetically held these views and worse in recent months.