The world is going crazy. I never thought I would see a day when every single major sport in the world was postponed indefinitely, schools everywhere were closed, and even churches closed their doors on the weekend. This seems like a weird dream to me. The world will never be the same.

It is in this moment that I realize that the world I grew up in is not the world that you will grow up in, my dear Samantha. The systems I’ve grown comfortable with, the ones I’ve learned to navigate, are crashing down as I write this. An economic system that requires constant movement is slowly coming to a stop, and I have no idea how this is going to turn out.

I don’t write this to scare you, in fact the opposite. As much as I have longed for change, I wasn’t sure if it was even possible. This is the only world I’ve ever known. March Madness has never been cancelled. Grocery stores are always stocked. Travelling out of the country has always been permitted. But here we are in the midst of what is likely to be a pandemic and the world suddenly needs to change. For the first time in my life I’ve realized that the status quo does not need to continue. There is reason to hope, despite the ominous presence of this disease.

Maybe this will turn out to be nothing at all. Maybe this virus will vanish and everything will go back to normal. Sports will resume, schools will open up again, and people will laugh at how ridiculous everyone acted. I’m sure that is what we are all hoping for now.

But Sammy, things might never go back to the way they were. Perhaps this country will finally be awakened to the need for universal healthcare and take steps to making it happen. Maybe we will realize how rigged the system is against the elderly and disabled and we will implement new ways of protecting them. Maybe we will realize that sports are just games and that we don’t need to invest so much money and effort into them. Maybe this is the start of change.

Things might get really bad Sammy, but know that I am fighting to protect you. Whatever happens, I am going to fight to help make this world a better place for you. I want to leave you with a world I am proud of, not with a mess that you need to clean up. I will do what I can in this moment – wash my hands, limit outside interaction, avoiding physical contact with others – so you can be safe and comfortable now. We will get through this together.

Your world is going to look a lot different from mine. Things can change, for better and for worse, but never be afraid of it. Do not give up hope in the midst of trials. Keep fighting for the greater good. Keep pushing for the kingdom of God.

I love you Sammy, and I’ve got you.