There is a running joke in the sports community right now following the postponement of all major sports. The joke is about all things that sports fans are beginning to realize now that their number one hobby is gone. One example of such a joke is: “Day 3 without sports: There was a woman on my couch today. She says that she’s my wife. She seems nice.”

As ridiculous as these jokes are, they actually make a really good point: what are we going to do now that society is slowly going into lockdown? How are we going to live? The normal things in our lives – work, sports, social hangouts, church – are going to be on break for who knows how long. I read a post today from someone currently in Italy who said that the country has basically shut down and there are strict rules on going out in public. Is our country heading for that? And if so, what are we going to do.

In past years, I would have viewed this situation pessimistically. I would have been hoping for things to stay as normal as they could for the longest time possible, and then that we would return to normal soon afterwards. I would have been looking at all the negatives of staying inside and cancelling events/activities. I would have been doing everything I could to maintain my regular schedule.

But that is not where I am at now. Shockingly, I am looking forward to being shut up inside my apartment for a while. I work from home anyway, so that part does not change (a blessing in itself), and the lack of social responsibility is going to be a nice change of pace. It will allow to me to take a step back and not have so much on my plate, which is something I do to myself far too often.

Mainly, this is going to allow me to spend more time with my family. Darby no longer has to run a classroom everyday, at least not at school, since her school has moved everything online beginning this week. Since we both should have less responsibility, we will get the chance to spend time inside watching shows like West Wing or finding new recipes to cook. We will have time to invest in our relationship, something that everyday life tends to restrain.

Both of us will also get to hang out with our daughter, Sammy. A change in work schedules mean that we will get to watch her and won’t require babysitters to take her most of the week. She is at that point in her young life where she is changing so fast and before we know it, she will be in a completely different stage of life. She has finally mastered crawling and even today, she crawled to a box, put her hands on it, pulled herself up to her feet, and stood there by herself for five minutes. She is going to be standing and walking around in the next few weeks, and this change of pace is allowing us to pay more attention to her and take this in. We only get to witness this once with her and I feel so thankful that we may get to have a greater experience of it because of what is going on.

I’ll admit that I am nervous for my family. It may not work out the way I am envisioning it now. This may be a very difficult time for us. But today I am choosing to praise God in this storm and have hope that all will be well, all will be well, and all will be well. I will be looking for ways to make the most of this situation, and that starts with being with my family. I encourage you to do the same.