Last night was one of the most difficult nights I’ve had in a while. I must have eaten something bad because at 2 am, I awoke to my stomach feeling like it was trying to digest a cement block. I rolled back and forth to try and get comfortable, but after a few minutes of fighting it, I knew it was going to be a long night.

I ran to the bathroom and stayed there, unsuccessfully, for 15 minutes while the cramping in my stomach worsened. I tried lying on the floor but ended up merely writhing in anguish for a minute before returning to the bathroom. The discomfort would not relent and there was no way I was getting back to bed anytime soon.

90 minutes later, very little had changed. My stomach was a mess and none of my efforts could alleviate it. In a passing thought, I decided to make some tea. I don’t know exactly why I thought to do it, but I went into the kitchen (very hunched over), boiled some water, and eventually added the bag of peach tea. I hobbled back into the bedroom, sat on my bed, and began sipping from my mug.

To my amazement, my stomach began to calm down. I could feel the warmth course through my body and I felt my muscles relax for the first time in nearly two hours. It was a feeling of relief that I have rarely experienced but, as you can tell by the fact that I’m writing about it now, was largely affected by. I went from suffering to sleep in a matter of minutes and the incredible experience of joy I felt as I finally relaxed is not something I will soon forget.

If you are looking for the moral of this story or maybe how it is an allegory of God’s love for us, I don’t have that. Give me a few months and I’ll bet I come up with something. However, what I do know is that the only reason tea was even an idea for me last night is because of Lent. It is because of my coffee fast that I’ve been drinking more tea, and that is the only logical reason I can think of for why tea crossed my mind.

So on this Lenten journey, don’t be caught up in the things you have let go of – focus on what is currently being provided to you. Maybe the current provision is far more helpful than thing you lost (hey, would you look at that… I found the moral of the story already).