I have a blue folder that is at least 10 years old with the words “You need Jesus. I’m just saying.” printed in bold letters on the front. This became my folder for all of the lyrics and songs I’ve written, which is quite a few. I decided to pull it out for the first time in a while and began reading some of the words that were all too familiar to me. A lot of it made me cringe, some made me roll my eyes, and others made me smile. For this post, I want to share some of the lyrics that I’m proud of. I’m sorry that I can’t share the music or the beat with you because that is only in my head, but maybe you can appreciate the words. I will try to put them in chronological and I will include song titles for each quote. Hopefully there is at least one you can connect with. Enjoy!

“I’m through with trying to be perfect
Because I never seem to get it right….
If there is such thing as grace,
And if you’re strong enough to save,
Reach down and get me out of this place.
If you’re mercy is unfailing,
And your love can truly save me,
Pull me out of this mess that I’ve made.” – Reach Down

“This is the day, I leave it all behind this way.
To live my life so unashamed.
So that everyone sees me sees your face.
Take my cross, and praise you even in my loss.
Follow you at any cost,
And use every breath I have to lift your name.
This is the day.” – This is the Day

“I wish we could go back
To when we cared about each other,
When we had some good times.
I wish I was still your brother.
I wish you thought about me
And took the time to pray,
I still think about you every single day.” – This View

“His kingdom is forever and he’s holding me together and he’s never gonna let go so I’m following him.
This is where I end, right where you begin.
My victory is in him, so no matter what, I win.” – Battle Cry

“I’ve done the impossible,
I’ve run like I’m unstoppable,
But I’ve watched so many people fall away.
I’ve shielded children from attacks,
I’ve carried men upon my back,
But that doesn’t seem to cover my mistakes
It’s hard to be a hero when I need to be saved.” – The Daily Life of a Superhero

(Can you tell I’m an Enneagram 3 yet?)

“When things get tough, I’ll help you get through.
When you can’t walk, I’ll carry you.” – Alice’s Song

“He still loves you, and he still cares.
When your world falls apart, he’s still there.
It doesn’t matter where you’ve gone
He’s been there all along.
Grace does not depend on you.” – Still

“Take a good look at my life
Look at my kids and my wife
And know they’ll never have to go through what we did.
“Because I’m the one who makes them smile,
And God has held us all the while.
Take a good long look at the life I live
And let me show you everything you missed.” – Everything You Missed

“You’re my beautiful mystery.                                                                                                                                                                     You’re the puzzle I can’t solve inside of me.                                                                                                                                           The way you think, the way you sing,                                                                                                                                                       Can put me back in harmony.                                                                                                                                                                   You’re the girl that God has put right here.                                                                                                                                             You’re the answer to my thoughts and prayers                                                                                                                                     Whatever happens in the coming years                                                                                                                                                  I won’t forget Memphis.”     – Memphis

(What happened was I married that girl)

“Of course we will exalt you inside the safety of this room,
But take us out and change the sound and suddenly we’re mute.
We think ‘My God is holy so that means he will protect me,’
But why do we need protection when we’re in a sanctuary?” – Smash the Guitars

“I’ve lived the last nine months like Cady Heron
And I’ve got the Christians to stop and stare and
I’ve got them thinking that I’m out at sea,
But that’s alright with me.” – Plastic (I love that line lol)

“I fantasize in my mind and buy the lies that I’m blind,
I try to hold my bible but then time and time again I find,
I find a spy from the time I thought was far behind.
Wrap some ivy on my body to cover up corruption in my mind.” – The Effects of College

“I can’t fly, you know I’ve tried.
The S on my chest is just hiding the fact that I’m dying.” – Just a Man

“I’m sick of this division, I’m tired of these lines.
If we blurred them, could we learn that
All our problems are just lies.” – Division

“You have walked through my creation, you have seen what I can do.
Powerful to judge the nations, strong enough to carry you.
In your weak and darkest hour, I sent my Son down to save you.
I’m still God upon this mountain, so watch me come to your rescue.” – Rescue

“We are healed, we are healed, Immanuel.
God is with us now.
He is here, he is here, with us to dwell.
Oh what a beautiful sound.
As the baby cries, he brings new life.” – As the Baby Cries

“Do you feel pain?
Do you feel the same?
Do you feel the sting of another stealing your beloved?
Do you feel the ache?
Does your heart break?
God can you relate?
Do you love and hate?
Do you understand me?” – The Interview

“This ship was grand, it was everything I had.
It held all I needed, all the safety of land.
It sailed on cruise control, with all I didn’t know
Trapped in a library beside of me that I swore I wouldn’t open
But I’m never content to stay.
I grabbed Pandora’s box that day.
Curiosity killed me, and I’d never be the same.
As I flipped through the pages, things started to change.” – Ship of Facts

“I’ve mocked my brothers and knocked them all down.
I’ve hated my sisters and stepped on their crowns.
The ones I commune with, the victims of mine.
We share in communion, but I’m content with divide.
As I bring them pain and deny them your grace, is there hope for me?”
– The Crippling Conviction of Grape Juice and an Oyster Cracker

“How am I one of your people?
I am nothing like you.
How can you call me child?
I do exactly what you didn’t do.
I am a member of the elite.
No better term, a Pharisee.
A bitter first world problem.
The problem is me.
I’m ignorant of pain.
I ignore the other’s shame.
I take my finger, flip you off then
Give someone else the blame.
I eat the fruit then hang the snake
Say I have the only way.
Ignore the broken voices saying I cheat to win the game.” – When Pharisees Repent

“Truly this is God, this baby in a bed.
The comforter of the poor and weak,
The Savior it is said.
Truly this is Yahweh, the God of Israel’s throne.
Joins us in our misery.
Born to give us hope.
Truly God is with us, his crying tells us so.
Helpless solidarity,
We are not alone.” – Truly this is God

“I know life isn’t perfect, nor is it supposed to be,
But you’d think with all the pain I feel that you would answer me.
I’m hearing all the reasons why you leave this world this way,
But none of them bring confidence in what you have to say.

This is me, saying I can’t do it,
Trying not to lose it,
Hoping you can make a way
‘Cause mine is broke in two.
This is me, begging you for answers.
Rid us of this cancer.
If you can’t save, then I don’t have a clue.” – This is Me

“Silly little girl with the curly blonde hair.
Can’t you see I’m crying, why are you still standing there?
Don’t look at me that way, I want to sit here in my pain and contemplate
But you won’t go away.
Silly little girl, why do you smile?
Can’t you see the chaos going on outside?
You just live life without ever breaking stride.” – Silly Little Girl

“I’m sorry these answers are not what you need.
I’ve tried to be better and now I can see,
Our different directions are not a problem with me
This is who I am, this is who I want to be.” – Two Different Soldiers

“I couldn’t do it tonight,
I couldn’t face you, I hate this.
I wish the words would come out on something other than paper.
I want to look you in the eyes
And tell you how thankful I am for you and your presence.
I give in and regret that I will never get to tell you that.
Instead all you have is my skeleton that is written in lead
You read what you read and then you’ll do it again,
But the impact of that draft is left in my head.” – How to Say Goodbye

“This is where I take my stand.
This is what I have to do.
I will walk this haunted path.
Golgotha has a better view.
I’ll be with the poor and the needy
Helping the weary
Loving the sinner
Defending the weak.
This is what I know is true:
I follow my God to the cross so I don’t follow you.” – Not my King

“This is political yes, but it is a spiritual mess
When we worship the constitution and we love these institutions
That capitalism built on the backs of the abused.
We assume that it’s God who blessed the chosen few? Nah.
Watch Jesus torch the Pharisees
Then own Caesar with the least of these
Then tell me how the red white and blue has got his blessing.
He was one of us? Nah
Not a white middle class man.
Shorter and scruffy and tan.
Just picture the Taliban…
If you think Jesus applauds us when we reign fire like Sodom,
Throw immigrants to the bottom and defend our land like it’s promised
Then I gotta call our ‘god’ into question.
Because I don’t remember seeing such death at the resurrection.” – Tread on Some Snakes

“My cars were always faster but I envied Megan Fassler
Yet the reason that you had her was ’cause she was a girl.
There were all of these barriers that were built trying to bury us,
But we dug our way out of those holes like Shia LaBeouf
What we had was a dream land
Not trying to diss Peter Pan but we had the greatest place ever,
Neverland never could beat us.
No one else saw it, and if society did
They might’ve shut us down right then and said it wasn’t for kids.
So whatever they say to you now, please don’t let it stay with you.
If you wanna be KB, I’ll be the Rizzo to play with you.” – Cars and Barbies

“Some pages of a book are better left unread.
Ignorance and happiness go together in the end….

Don’t tell me you’ve been hurt by what I’ve done.
I can’t even bear to think that I’m the villain.
Good and bad are relatives within us.
It’s only pride which makes us claim the higher mud.” – Storybook

“Never on my own.
Got friends who’ve had my back down every broken road.
Lived in many highs and many lows.
You’d think I’d know by now but no.
I’ve had water in a desert, food in a famine.
Got down a mountain we never should have.
You’d think I know by now
But the fact remains I’m still afraid.
I’m 23 but still a teen somehow someway.” – Fear

“You move in shadows and silhouettes.
Writing poems without sonnets
Making order out of chaos, ordering chaos upon us.
Honestly, I’m still afraid of you but I really don’t wanna be.
I know you’re free, but I’d rather hold you deep in my pocket.
Because if you’re out there, I can’t just summon you.
It’s uncomfortable
Knowing the judge doesn’t have to be just if he doesn’t want to.” – Insecurity

“First, I am your follower.
All others fall in line.
No other form of power
Will ever take my time
All I am is yours to have
Your hope and will is mine.
The gods of earth contend
But only you’re divine.” – Allegiance

“I go numb, I save face.
All my demons haunt me.
I lock myself away.
I’m not enough, I’m to blame.
I’d rather feel nothing
Than all this pain.” – Numb

Wow, that ends on a dark note. The good news is that the reason I write lyrics is that it helps me process emotions, and these posts have done the same thing, so I’m not at that dark moment in my life. Writing dark lyrics and dark posts is the best way for me to get out of those moments because they help me process my way through it. As you can see from this massive collection, I’ve been in a variety of emotional places the past 10 years, which is definitely a good thing. There are some words that I disagree with now but were helpful for the time I wrote them, so that is why they are here. Some of these lyrics stick with me and I will sing them every now and again.

I would encourage everyone who reads this to reflect on the past. Look for pictures or things you wrote years ago. Cringe at some of it, laugh at some of it, and smile at some of it, but take pride in all of it. Be proud of what you’ve done and where you’ve been. Learning about the past is the best way to prepare for the future.