As a UK blogger with both friends and family in Oz seeing images and footage of these fires is unsettling. As with most crisis in the world one often wonders what on earth to do to help people. There are probably other bloggers, journalists and writers who address this question better than me. However, here is some imput from me. I hope it can be useful to someone.

1. As a Christian blogger one thing I can’t ignore is that we must pray. Ask God to be with those who are putting out fires, with those who have lost much and those suffering. Ask got to literally open the flood gates of heaven and insure that the gates of hell do not prevail.

2. Reach out to folks you know in Australia on Social Media or whatever way is most practical for you. Make sure they are OK. If they are then praise God. If not ask if there is any way you can serve them.

3. Accept that the young girl, Greta Thunberg, and others like her, including much of the scientific community (no doubt fellow Christians among them) are not kidding about global warming! Do not shrug them off as too Atypical, too youthful, or too radical. Because they are not, and all these attributes are asets anyway. Accept that we all have a responsibility to try to care for God’s creation better.

4. Give to a wildlife charity, such as WWF Australia.

“URGENT: Bushfires are burning across the country. Over 480 million animals are believed to have been killed, including thousands of koalas. Over 4 million hectares has been burnt in NSW alone since September 2019. Your support is needed to help restore homes and care for injured wildlife.”

5. Give to a charity on the ground helping humans, such as Australia’s Red Cross.

“Parts of Australia are experiencing unprecedented bushfire activity.
Since July 2019, Red Cross teams have responded to 30 emergencies (some of which have been going for up to 6 weeks) and supported well over 16,500 people, through the efforts of more than 1,480 volunteers and staff.”

I do hope these ideas may be of use to someone out there. If it is please do spread the word.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. God bless.

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