For many people who wake up the morning after a devastating tragedy, “Where is God?” quickly finds its way across the lips. This morning, as I read the news of the Las Vegas shooting, “Where is God now?” came to my mind. The oft-quoted phrase, “God is in control” doesn’t seem to bring its desired end, and it provides me with no comfort. 

Sometimes I worry that God may not be there. Maybe he doesn’t exist. Maybe we are really alone on this spinning rock that’s surging through space. The pain seems so asinine, and the idea of “moving on” seems so meaningless. 

I suppose my only hope is in the stories I hear on Sunday morning. They tell me I’m not alone in my worry that God is not really there. The words of a young, dying man ring in my ears: “My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me?” His words were answered by, No One, and she said nothing. He was met with silence… and then he died.

So it is with us. In silence we weep; in silence we die.