Christian Origins/Current Faith


Author: James Mikołajczyk

James Mikołajczyk is a U.S. Army veteran. His overseas tours include Kosovo, Iraq, and Korea. He earned a Master of Theological Studies from Southwestern College (Kansas) and a B.A. in Religion from American Military University. His hometown is Erie, Pennsylvania. He currently lives in North Carolina. He published his Master's thesis as a book called Jesus the Jew, Christ the King (WestBow, 2016). He also hosts a website titled Christian Origins/Current Faith.

This blog presents the findings of Christian origins research in a way that combines discernment, evangelism, faith, scholarship, and spiritual development. The goal is to answer N. T. Wright’s challenge, “For too long we have read scripture with nineteenth-century eyes and sixteenth-century questions. It’s time to get back to reading with first-century eyes and twenty-first-century questions.”



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