Christianity Now

Tylor Lovins

Author: Tylor Lovins

Tylor was a philosophy major at Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana. The main project he has been working on is formulating a functional account of Christianity that takes into account Heidegger‘s existentialism, Wittgenstein’s philosophy of language, Brandom’s pragmatism, Barth’s theology, and Jung’s psychology.

Christianity Now is an online monthly publication devoted to clarifying the Christian message to the modern world. Taking into account the pluralism of Christian identities, Christianity Now aims to articulate the different, and sometimes contradictory, truth claims about the Christian message by situating these claims historically and bringing them into dialogue with each other. Finally, Christianity Now values diversity of perspective and identity and aspires to include a diversity of voices and is always open to contributions from former and new writers. Unsolicited articles are encouraged.



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