A Communicative Christianity

Hannah James

Author: Hannah James

Nice to meet you! My name is Hannah James. I have a BA in Communication Studies from Biola University and am currently a graduate student at Duke Divinity School. With the very little time I have outside of school, I enjoy time with my dog, Piper, and going to local coffee shops. Cliche, I know.

Communication is inextricably linked with what it means to be human–we have no choice but to communicate. I am therefore interested in exploring, particularly within Christian circles, how we talk about different theological and philosophical concepts and how we perceive God to communicate with us. I hope to bring insight to these realms not only through personal experience, but also with the help of the various authors in the Bible, philosophical texts, and literature. Hopefully, together we will carefully assess how we can better our thinking and speaking about and to a God who is worthy of our praise.



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