On the Corner of Theology and Applicable Philosophy


Author: John-Marc Ormechea

John-Marc lives just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and spends most of his free time, reading or writing. His main focus is eliminating the perceived gap between Philosophy and Theology, that many seem to hold. He works for a rehabilitation hospital as a part of the Orthotics and Prosthetics + Bionics unit. He also aspires to create a safe place to for people to be able to express and unashamedly experience their doubt.

I aim to show people that not only are philosophy and theology inseparable from one another, but are in fact dependent upon one another. To show that a religious life is not only what we experience in church or our own contemplative practices, but is really about how we live the rest of our lives. Even for those who do not profess Christ with their mouths often profess Christ with their lives.



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