Zac Poppen

Author: Zac Poppen

My name is Zac Poppen and I’m a PhD student in Biblical Interpretation (Hebrew Bible) at Brite Divinity School. My current research interests are postcolonial studies, immigration, postmodern philosophy, political theology, and the themes of hospitality and power. If you’re on Twitter, my handle is @zacpoppen.

Hauntotheology is a space where I engage the specters of theology and the specters of critical theory. Since the line between philosophy and theology is always already blurred, I am interested in a “close reading” (Jacques Derrida) of “texts” (and the specters of those who have read them) as they intersect modern and postmodern theorists. It is at this intersection of text, politics, and philosophy where one often discovers a critically important understanding of their own context(s). It is my hope that this space offers you a deeper perspective into “familiar” texts and concepts.



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