Outside In

Emily Cunningham

Author: Emily Cunningham

I graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies and Archaeology. I currently live in Southern California and work full-time. I have passions for social justice, politics, music and baseball and I’d love to talk your ear off about any of them. My ever-evolving love for theology was first kindled in Fall 2015 when I decided to explore my personal spirituality. Find me on twitter @EmC_Hammer.

Outside In will be a more personal picture of what it looks like to be a millennial seeking God in America right now. I maintain that the most integral part of our spiritual journey is understanding that we are not alone in our overwhelming doubt, questioning, fear and excitement we face. I want to offer a slightly different perspective to the conversation, as a young woman who grew up outside the influence of any faith and ended up seeking God against all my better judgement. My hope is to use theology and shared experience to explore all the ways we can start to build or rebuild a spiritual foundation in ourselves, in our communities and even in our churches.



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