Pain and Silence

Shane O'Leary

Author: Shane O'Leary

I'm just a white Evangelical who is still learning what love entails. I'm a husband to one, older brother to eight, and a friend to many people whom I hold dear. I have a Bachelors degree in biblical and theological studies from Judson University (Elgin, IL) and I hope that my experiences will be a comfort and a guiding light to others.

Pain and Silence is my attempt to explain some of my past and current experiences in a way that highlights the deeply personal nature of theology. My prayer is that it reaches those who, like me, have gone through a crisis of faith and offers them new and helpful ways to understand and worship the Trinitarian God. Most of all, I hope it reveals a God who is not silently watching from a distant throne, but is so intimately with us that he makes our words his own.

A Tale of Two Churches

One’s experience at church shapes how one lives as a Christian outside of the sanctuary. In order for our churches to thrive, and more importantly, for the Church to thrive, we must be willing to learn from each other and develop better ways to teach the Christian life to those who seek it.

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