The Politics of Theology

Andrea Jenkins

Author: Andrea Jenkins

I am Political Science major as the University of Texas at Arlington with a focus in Geopolitics/Russia and a minor in history. I study and write about the way in which theology and philosophy are inherently linked to and lived out through political activism. In my time not spent studying, I am a full time barista until America is no longer a slave to capitalism and Marxism liberates us. You can find me on Twitter: @AndyNoelJnks

Though much of theology throughout history and especially in the modern day has not stopped from actively informing political discourse, The Politics of Theology seeks to thread the needle between the spiritual journey theology sets us on and how it must always be an essential part of any political revolution. Political Scientists have always needed Theologians in calls for justice, liberation, and peace in the face of brutal violence. My return to spirituality has brought about some of my deepest passions in activism, and I hope that this will blog will articulate that profound influence of the Divine.



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