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Author: Emmanuel Cumplido

Manny lives in Providence, RI, with his amazing wife and two children. He holds an M.Div. from Gordon-Conwell Seminary and a B.A in Philosophy from the University of Rhode Island. His research and writing in theology has been on the doctrine of God and the writings of Aquinas, Scotus, Barth, and Whitehead. He also spent two years as a research assistant on the World Christian Encyclopedia (3rd ed., 2020). In ministry, he loves preaching, teaching, personal discipleship, and talking with nonbelievers about faith!

Palm Sunday

Jesus enters Jerusalem, by Giotto (click for source) Somehow, every Lent I’m drawn into reflection on Palm Sunday. It’s captured my imagination for years. The Gospel writers cite a prophetic song in Zechariah when...

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Christ Over Politicization

“To think of everything as political..to place everything in the hands of the state…to subordinate problems of the individual to problems of the group….these factors characterize the politicization of modern man and, as such, comprise a myth” -Ellul, The Political Illusion

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The Need for an Anabaptist Political Theology

…the glib pronouncement of an “agreement to disagree” between Christians of all political persuasions will not move the Church further into a unified mission. It will not stop laymen and laywomen from engaging, or not engaging, and it will not help them live more faithfully. What is needed is a deeper, consistent, call to a political theology shaped by the teachings of Christ and New Testament. I have found this nowhere better expressed than by the Radical Reformers…

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