A Better Story

Sam Altis

Author: Sam Altis

Sam Altis loves irreverent humor, good beer, thoughtful disagreement and cake. He has pastored at Trinity Church in Indianapolis and CrossWalk Community Church in Napa, California. He now resides in Tacoma, Washington where splits his time between writing, connecting churches with incoming refugees, and pretending to like rain and grunge music. If you want more of his street cred, he has a M.Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary and has written for Relevant.

God, if you’re not too turned off by the term, tends to sneak up on us, sometimes in unexpected places and sometimes in familiar ones. One telltale sign of the sacred is when we seem to be pulled – toward living more vibrantly, acting more justly, seeing others more humanely – and into better stories. The sacred can be found everywhere, but A Better Story looks in two particular places: the Hebrew and Christian scriptures and the lives of others.



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