Films and Faith

Neil Sedgewick

Author: Neil Sedgewick

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Neil is an avid film fan, raised on a diet of Spielberg and Hanks, with a firm belief that deeply spiritual moments and messages are as resident in cinema screens as they are within Sunday morning sanctuaries. Writing and reviewing in-between work and family commitments, Neil has also started a Films and Faith podcast where he talks to film makers, authors and thinkers about how their faith influences their work.

The purpose of Films and Faith is to attempt to restore faith in the world around us by engaging with film. Films that warm our hearts, challenge our thinking and call us to respond. So often cinema holds a lens up to our world and shows us, both the best and worst, aspects of our humanity. Our world is reflected back at us in parable, allegory, metaphor and creations of wonderful imagination. Films and Faith exists to explore these ideas, examine our humanity and help rebuild faith in a broken, fractured world.



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