A Jew and a Gentile Walk into a Bar…Mitzvah

Charles, Chris, & Helena

Author: Charles, Chris, & Helena

Three bloggers, one Jewish & two Christian, discussing faith, cigars, depression, cigars, social justice, cigars, and other interfaith issues. Oh, and cigars.

In our podcast we focus on faith, mental health, and cigars. We approach these subjects from many directions: personal, academic, theological, and philosophical. However, we are less than enthusiastic with the description of our blog, our podcast, and even our relationship as “interfaith.” Interfaith is such a constricting term, so we created a new moniker for what we do—interfaithED. We want anyone wishing to join in our discussions to understand our goal, to share our respect for each other and The Other. In order to learn grow, and expand our view requires we put ourselves in uncomfortable situations, that we expose ourselves to “dangerous” ideas, but that learning only happens when we are uncomfortable, and ideas only seem dangerous because they come from The Other.



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