Religious Socialism Podcast

Sarah Ngu

Author: Sarah Ngu

I’m a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, NY. I host Religious Socialism Podcast, which is hosted by the DSA and here at Theology Corner. You can chat with me at @sarahngu. In addition, I'm a deacon at Forefront Brooklyn and a cofounder of Church Clarity, a database that holds churches accountable for clear policies.

This podcast is managed by Sarah Ngu and produced by Devin Briski; it’s hosted by the Democratic Socialists of America. It features monthly deep-dive interviews with religious activists, thinkers and practitioners—with often a good dose of socialism! The interviews tend to be autobiographical—we dive into a person’s upbringing, turning points in their lives, and how their faith informs their politics and work. Our goal is build the religious left and to connect the dots between religious and radical spaces—two communities that don’t often intersect.



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