Faith O'Leary

Author: Faith O'Leary

My name is Faith O’Leary; I’m a graduate student of psychology with the goal of becoming a researcher of the psychology of religion and sexuality as well as a trauma informed counselor. When I’m not studying I enjoy doing photography, writing/reading, overanalyzing movies, discussing Star Wars theories, and watching baseball. I’m an artist, feminist, self-professed geek, enneagram four, and a doubt filled believer.

This blog discusses the intersection of faith and sexuality. It hopes to engage with topics such as purity culture, sexual trauma in the church, Christian sexual ethics, developing a theology of consent, embodiment, and LGBTQ+ inclusion in the church. I called this blog “Lament” because to me, these topics have come from a place of great grieving, suffering, and lamentations. It is my hope that in writing of such difficult subjects, we can continue to bring this conversation to light and, eventually, to heal.



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