Thus says the LORD concerning the prophets who lead my people astray, who cry “Peace” when they have something to eat, but declare war against those who put nothing into their mouths.” (Mich 3:5)

I wanted to make sure I understood this verse correctly; this is a strong accusation to make towards a prophet of the people. And if it were not from the Divine (through the mouth of Micah – another prophet) I would not believe it. What sort of leader of the people would offer the hope of peace if their needs were satisfied by the people; but declare war if that prophet’s needs were not satisfied? I am just going to continue commenting, and let that question sift through your being, beloved reader.

“Therefore it shall be night to you, without vision, and darkness to you, without revelation. The sun shall go down upon the prophets, and the day shall be black over them; the seers shall be disgraced, and the diviners put to shame; they shall all cover their lips, for there is no answer from God.” (Verses 6 – 7)

Such (religious) leaders and prophets would revealed for the false prophets they are when none of their prophecies come true. I imagine from verse five they earned their livelihood and keep by being accurate and farseeing, so that they would be called to court & called upon, and paid according to the accuracy of their foretelling.

I am not sure who these prophets were. It seems obvious they were without influence because their prophecies are not remembered and passed down the ages. One could ask, what harm is really done by false prophets and (religious) leaders that never had the right of things in the first place? Again, let the question sift through your being, beloved reader.

“But as for me, I am filled with power, with the spirit of the LORD, and with justice and might, to declare to Jacob his transgression and to Israel his sin. Hear this, you rulers of the house of Jacob and chiefs of the house of Israel, who abhor justice and pervert all equity, who build Zion with blood and Jerusalem with wrong!” (Verses 8 – 10)

This an interesting turn; where the writer of Micah started out by accusing prophets, now his attention is turned to rulers and chiefs, i.e. government. Are the prophets and the rulers one & the same? Or did the prophets and the leaders conspire together to set up a leadership that was for their own benefit and deprive the people of true and beneficial leadership?

“Its rulers give judgment for a bribe, its priests teach for a price, its prophets give oracles for money; yet they lean upon the LORD and say, “Surely the LORD is with us! No harm shall come upon us.” (Verse 11)

It seems obvious from this verse, this was the case. It makes one wonder, beloved reader, if the fall of the Jewish nation of the ancient called and chosen people fell not because the nation as a whole corrupt, but because its leadership led it to dark and evil places. That is a sadness, when a nation is led astray by the government that pretends to care for it.

“Therefore because of you Zion shall be plowed as a field; Jerusalem shall become a heap of ruins, and the mountain of the house a wooded height.” (Verse 12)

What is interesting, beloved reader, is that this call of judgment was but part of the story of the called and chosen people. What I mean is that the writer of Micah and the prophet Micah did not pronounce this doom at the end of the story of the Jews, but in the middle before Cyrus the Great brought restitution and made it possible for the Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild. In other words, the prophet Micah did pronounce the final judgment. There was hope (although they did not know it) that they would get through this time. Just something to remember as we journey through our current days.

May you, beloved reader, separate out what is the politics of living that makes our days ebb and flow, and what is the guidance and direction from the Divine that will see us through all the hard times that may come. Shalom & Selah!