I look upon the beautiful churches we have. The old fashioned ones with a steeple, the new ones with beautiful modern design. The large ones with room for thousands, the small ones with room for fifty or fewer. 
And I think, “Who do they worship in those buildings? Do they worship the God who became homeless? Do they honor the Lord who healed the beggar? Do they talk about Jesus who became poor so that he might go around to help people live? The one who died at the hands of a police state, at the orders from a group of religious people who didn’t want their temple invaded by a bunch of foreigners and riff-raff?
I wonder what would happen if a bunch of homeless riff-raff and sick beggars came to a church and said, “You can keep twenty of us in there. We promise to clean up after ourselves. Can you provide sanctuary?”
I wonder what those in charge of those beautiful churches would say? I wonder what the one they call their Lord would say?