I am not a blogophile. Rather, i just want to publish my writing. I can’t help it if I write a lot. An awful lot. So much so, that if people want to get a basic idea of what I’m about, they get confused in all the words that are published. Twenty something blogs, Facebook, two twitter accounts– it’s just all too much.

I agree, but I’m addicted. I can’t stop. Sorry.

For those who are trying to sort through all my massive amounts of text to understand what I’m REALLY about, to try to figure out why I think the way I think or do the stuff I do, here is the answer.

This blog are what I consider to be my basic documents, the things that are most important about how I think and why I do what I do. I’ll try to keep this under 40 posts, and try to keep it to just the basics.

If you ask any questions, I’ll answer them, but I’ll do that in:
Steve Kimes, Anawim, Esq.