There are many Jesus’ that people worship.  But the one I hear about most frequently is the Jesus of most American churches, the one that is followed by the majority of White American Christians. 

I heard Aisha Harris call him “White Jesus” on Code Switch the other day.

White Jesus loves his enemies and then kills them.

White Jesus seeks to obtain and stabilize power, making excuses for what it costs others.

White Jesus denies racism exists, but escalates a war on Christmas.

White Jesus tells his leaders to draw more power so that they might spread His name.

White Jesus says “Blessed are you who are rich, for you can make the world wealthy.”

White Jesus pushes his eschatology into existence, even if it means people are oppressed because of it.

White Jesus teaches, “Love yourself first and your neighbor if you feel led.”

White Jesus prioritizes worship over healing.

White Jesus says the world must love, but don’t help people survive, because that just draws more poor people around.

White Jesus demands the oppressed forgive, allowing the powerful to punish.

White Jesus has one good religion and all the rest are evil.

White Jesus says, “Buy more possessions and forsake the beggar, because this is what improves the economy.”

White Jesus says, “Cause others to suffer in order to bring your eschatology to pass.”

White Jesus establishes ritual, ignores compassion.

White Jesus upholds authority, even when they do evil.

White Jesus worships the Liar for the sake of ruling the world.

I am with Aisha Harris.  I deny White Jesus, my former Lord and Savior.  I stand with the Real Jesus, who stands with the oppressed.