You know my heart, you discern if there is any wicked way in me, and I ask that you would use this prayer in the growth of your kingdom, in the war which you have won against death, against the devil, war, and against every stronghold that lifts itself up against the knowledge of your Son.

Forgive me for not seeking out veteran’s to serve, lead me to more of them. Forgive me for judgmental attitudes towards them, I ask you would give me a heart of flesh to minister to them, and for those that have suffered, to share in their suffering.  Give me eyes to see and ears to hear how I can do this. Holy Spirit, I pray you would be working in me to be Christ’s hands and feet.

Forgive me for my greed, for my love of comfort, for my gluttony, for my laziness, for my lust, for my foolishness, for my pride, even for my fear of death, which now has no power over me. Forgive me for the sins which support the systems of this world, which support this worldly “way of life” and enable rulers to leverage it for purposes of war. Forgive me for my hypocrisy, for speaking out against war in my words but participating in the glorification of it with my actions.

Forgive me for my cowardice, and for not speaking out more frequently against the lie that the violence of war can be good and honorable. I ask you would grant me humility and willingness as I stand on this conviction, and wisdom to speak as your disciple. I pray you would use my life more than my words. I pray my actions would be weapons for peace, for the expansion of your Kingdom.

I ask you would especially minister to those veteran’s whose pain is unseen, who suffer mentally from committing deeds which our culture says are honorable and praiseworthy, but their consciences refuse to rest with. I pray you would wash over them with your forgiveness and hope, with the knowledge that all have sinned, we have all committed treason against you, but that you see the darkest parts of all our hearts, and say to us in that place “I love you.” Compell your church to meet the needs of the millions of veteran’s who are not fed, who are hungry, and dejected. I pray you would move us to action and not to wait for a government to provide for the least of these.

I also pray for those veteran’s who do not suffer from physical or mental illness, that have moved on and are living among us in healthy, whole lives. I pray they would serve your kingdom first, and see their allegiance as being to you, your global kingdom, not to their country or to their earthly co-citizens. Grant them the willingness to follow you faithfully. I pray for those veteran’s who are currently in the service, that you would redeem their actions, use them for good despite the ends to which our governments employ them. I ask you would bring peace to those places where our government is asking some to shed blood, give veteran’s in those positions a willingness to refrain from such actions, even if it’s costly.

I pray your kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.