Episode 80 finds the Jew and the Gentile interviewing author, J. Dana Trent. (Yes, we’re as amazed as you are that she still sullies herself with the likes of us.) JDT talks about her latest book “One Breath at a Time: A Skeptic’s Guide to Christian Meditation.” JDT reframes meditation for those who are skeptical because (1) they doubt their ability to be still and quiet and (2) they doubt the validity of meditation as a Christian spiritual practice. Using scripture, theology, and examples from the early church, her latest book challenges Christians’ prayer habits that leave little room for enough silence to experience and listen for God. Using five approaches—breath meditation, lectio divina, centering meditation, loving-kindness meditation, and devotional meditation, One Breath at a Time provides a practical, 40-day guide to beginning and sustaining a Christian meditation practice in an often chaotic world. (And again, we’re happy she admits to know us in public.)

Episode 80: One Breath at a Time