In Episode 82, Chris, Charles, and Helena are joined by Russ Jennings, of Love in a Dangerous Time podcast and Wild Goose Festival’s Goosecast Stage, and consider a new term, “Liminal Christianity.” Cited as part of this discussion is Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s letter to Ebehard Bethge dated April 30, 1944. In this letter, Bonhoeffer introduces the world to the notion of “Religionless Christianity” Click HERE to download a copy of the letter.

“My God is not waiting inside a church or sitting above the temple’s steps. My God is the refugee’s breath as she’s running…is living in the starving child’s belly…is the heartbeat of the protest. My God does not rest between pages written by holy men. My God lives between the sweaty thighs of women’s bodies sold for money…was last seen washing the homeless man’s feet. My God is not as unreachable as they’d like you to think. My God is beating inside us infinitely”― Rupi Kaur, “The Sun and Her Flowers”

Episode 82: Liminal Christianity