Episode 71 is from the Goosecast Stage at the Wild Goose Festival 2018. The Jew and the Gentile are joined by J Dana Trent, a Baptist minister and author, with her spouse Fred Eaker, a devout Hindu and a former monk (you have to get Dana’s book Saffron Cross to read about their story). They are joined by 1/3 of the Twisted Sisterds podcast, Becky Seville. We discuss this year’s Wild Goose Festival, a first time for Fred and Becky, and how we might take the spirit of the Goose with us. We also ask, “what is the future of the church?” Did I mention that we are joined by a live studio audience? (Special thanks to Russ Jennings for making the Goosecast Stage happen… You should also check out his podcast Love in a Dangerous Time.)