Top Left to Right: The Gentile, The Jew. Bottom Left to Right: Phil…FREAKING…Wyman, The Ampersand of Reason

Episode 125 finds the Jew, the Gentile, and the Ampersand of Reason joined by Phil…FREAKING…Wyman. That is right folks, the Welsh Troubadour himself joins us to discuss the radicalization of American Christianity and the Capitol Insurrection. Phil comes from the Pentecostal tradition and provides us with a unique view of  how that tradition has been impacted by the Age of Trump. For some background on this episode’s topic read this article “How self-proclaimed ‘prophets’ from a growing Christian movement provided religious motivation for the Jan. 6 events at the US Capitol.” To skip our mishigas start the podcast at the 19:15 mark. Skip our mishigas, but don’t skip checking out Phil on his Youtube ChannelBlog, and at his site “Burning Religion.” And here’s a link to hear Phil sing “Politics are like a Zombie Love Song.Click HERE to listen to Episode 125.