Episode 134 of a Jew & a Gentile Walk into a Bar…Mitzvah, the Podcast, welcomes back Jory Micah as she joins the gang to talk about women and mental health. What follows is a bold, courageous, and honest conversation between Jory and our very own Ampersand of Reason, Rev. Helena. (And if you have time, and if you’re listening to us you likely do, check out Jory’s first visit to the podcast in Episode 121.) Jory is a Christian Writer, Theologian, Preacher, Intersectional Feminist & Lover of Humanity. She speaks for progressive faith and politics. Jory is working on her forthcoming book “Breaking the Glass Steeple.” Find her on social media (TwitterInstagram, and Facebook) and check out her site. If you’d like to skip our opening mishigas start listening at the 19:15 mark. However, you’ll miss hearing about the Ampersand’s latest edition to her menagerie, hermit crabs. Click here to give the episode a listen.