This is a double feature. The first interview is with Pastor Sandra Dumas, the second, her husband, Pastor William Dumas. They are the Senior Pastors of Ganggalah Church and leaders of Ganggalah Training Centre and Ganggalah Aboriginal Arts.

Pastor Sandra is the first Indigenous female pastor ordained in New South Wales through Australian Christian Churches and is carving new ground for Indigenous women within Australia. Pastor William is the chairman of the ACCNI (Australian Christian Churches National Indigenous Initiative).

n this interview we discuss their work at Ganggalah, their passion for building up young Indigenous leaders, the mission of serving God and celebrating culture, and the long strides non-Indigenous Australians still need to take for there to truly be equality for Aboriginal people.

Check out (and consider supporting) the excellent work of Ganggalah.

In the episode I mention Jesus 12 24: Return. An online conference coming in February. Find out more