Are you an ex-evangelical or fundamentalist Christian? Have you left the church behind, but aren’t sure what lies ahead on the journey? Or maybe…you’re still a committed church-goer, but who has serious doubts and questions, but you can’t ask anybody.

If any of these describe you…then be sure and subscribe to the MindShift podcast (either on iTunes or PodBean for Android users).

In this inaugural episode kicking off the 2018 edition of MindShift, I finally decided it would be a good idea to do a pilot episode…since I never did one when I originally started this podcast nearly a year ago. 

Originally titled “The Preacher’s Forum Podcast,” it is now MindShift. In this kickoff episode, I preview what’s coming ahead for the next few weeks, talk about some of the changes that happened over the last year, and delve into two models that will help you to chart your faith journey, and deconstruct some of the cherished dogmas and sacred cows of this religion called Christianity.

If you’d like to subscribe, the links to the podcast can be located in my other post here.

Looking forward to a great 2018 on the journey of deconstruction and discovery!