MindShift podcast is finally back for 2018!

Since I never did a pilot episode when I started the podcast nearly a year ago, it’s high time to do one now!

Originally called “The Preacher’s Forum Podcast,” a lot has changed over the last year. As I continue down the road on this journey of deconstruction, discovery and now reconstruction, will you join me in 2018?

In this episode, I lay out 2 helpful models for those who have left the church behind. Where are you on the spectrum? Find yourself along the scale! Also, I explore a helpful analogy of a “kernel and husk” that will help you to think critically about Christianity–as a religion.


“Responding to Andy Savage, Highpoint Church, and Sexual Assault” by Dr Clint Heacock on Theology Corner

“What Happens After People Leave the Church?” by Dr Clint Heacock on The Preacher’s Forum Blog

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