What’s it like to grow up in the evangelical church culture, with parents who were pastors, but all the while struggle with your own gender identity? 

What do you do when you’re married with a family, involved in church leadership, yet have the feeling inside that you’re not being honest with yourself about your own gender?

How does God factor into all of this also?

This week we’re going to hear exactly what it’s like from my friend, Dana Stinson.

Making it all the more difficult for Dana was the cognitive dissonance–the conflicted thinking–of trying to balance what the church taught about gender identity and her own feelings. Was she being honest with herself?

f you don’t know a trans person at all, well…now you do! Listening to another person’s experiences and points of view–with an open mind–is one of the best ways to enter into their world and see things from their perspective.

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