LRR Ep16. The Bible and the Lives of Transgender Christians, Austen Hartke

I spoke with Austen Hartke, author of the new book: Transforming: the Bible and the Lives of Transgender Christians. It is a wonderful book, and this discussion gives a great insight into why it is so essential for our times. We talk about what it is like to write a book with helplines in the back, how conversations and the stories of others shape a theological work, what Biblical story Austen would turn into a movie, why the book centres on Biblical studies/exegesis, the connection of experience between Eunuchs in the ancient world and Transgender Christians today, the importance of the body in the New Testament, and a life lived beyond apologetics. Listen in iTunes

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Ep09. Wounding Words (Loving Jesus/Fearing Scripture), Emmy Kegler.

“Taking what has been used as a sword, and turning it into a ploughshare” 

A special episode. Because this postal survey on marriage equality is taking a toll on so many. This is Emmy Kegler’s talk and Q&A from the Jesus 12 24 online conference hosted earlier in the year. If I sound weird its because I’d been awake for about 23 hours. See more about the conference at

“Too many members of the LGBTQ+ community know Scripture best as a weapon used against us.  How do those of us who still find Jesus compelling reconcile ourselves with the book that tells his story, when that same book has been used to condemn us?  When we have been wounded by the words of the Bible, can we still find healing in the Word of God?” LISTEN IN iTUNES

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