Ep11. Apostolicity, World Christianity, & Mission, John Flett

I recorded this interview with John Flett in Dec 2016 and it centres on John’s most recent book, Apostolicity: the Ecumenical Question in World Christian Perspective. But we cover a lot! His book on Apostolicity (hint: we start with what that word means), how it shakes out in conversations regarding diversity of structural expressions in world Christianity, the difficulty/danger of perceiving the church as a culture (hint: colonisation), the US election, understanding properly the colonial period of mission (hint: its about the sending churches), non-missionary mission, how the ignoring of mission is actually a way of avoiding external critique, the voiceless Jesus of Christmas, the persistent focus on “dying churches” in the Australia and the counterpoint of migrant and multicultural churches…. are you getting the picture? We cover a lot. LISTEN IN iTUNES.

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