Ep12. Theo-Politics for a Community that Moves Beyond Itself, John Flett

The problem with the mainline is we have an insular theology, but we do not follow an insular God…

This is the Saturday night session from our weekend Political Populism and a Theological Response. Here John Flett picks up the theological challenge of populism (explored in the first two sessions) and proposes an alternative focused on the political stance of a community which finds its identity as it moves beyond itself. Recorded Nov 4, at Epping Uniting Church. LISTEN IN iTUNES

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Ep10. Populism and a Theological Response, John Flett

In this interview (from January 2017) I talk with John Flett about theology and mission in the wake of Trump, populism in its current form, the way Christians just wanted to “win” and so refused to yield power, interdisciplinary approaches, mission studies, “racism and the evangelical vote”, #WTFtheology (aka: John’s proudest achievement), and how mission (a non-America-First understanding of mission) can help counter this growing nationalist, populist tide. – this was in the lead up to the first run of his course, Political Populism and a Theological Response, earlier this year at Pilgrim Theological College. LISTEN IN iTUNES

“If you yourself are not ready to be converted, then you are not engaging in the discussion”

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