In the aftermath of releasing an article containing an anonymous allegation of sexual assault against former Vice President Biden, Theology Corner has been accused by some as being a right-wing religious organization seeking to help re-elect Donald Trump. This is simply not true.

It should go without saying that Donald Trump must be defeated at all costs. Theology Corner originated out of the increasing frustration with the uncritical alliance formed between American Evangelicals and the Republican Party, an institution which is now known for its xenophobic nationalism, its blind eye toward the pain and suffering of the most vulnerable members of society, and its complicity in propping up the pathological liar occupying the White House.

It is a tragedy that the Christian faith has been co-opted in this manner. Whereas traditional Christianity offers worship to a God who was crucified by an imperial power as a would-be threat to the status quo, Evangelical Christianity has forsaken this in order to cozy up with imperial power itself. Instead of entering into solidarity with those “crucified” by the world, they have turned toward the “crucifiers” for safety and security. Thus, rather than being a threat to the kingdom of God, empire is, in the hands of Evangelicals, the means by which to enact their reactionary, cultural agenda.

With that in mind, we are absolutely resolute in our conviction about how faithful Christians ought to proceed when heading to the ballot box in November: They should vote in such a manner so as to remove Donald Trump from the White House. That does mean that, for those who live in a swing state, it is absolutely crucial that they support and vote for the presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden.

Four more years of Donald Trump would be a disaster, especially considering the looming climate crisis and the likelihood of future pandemics similar to the one we are all currently experiencing. All the more so when we consider Trump’s well-established legacy of transforming the federal court system into his image, which could reasonably be assumed to get far worse if he were to win re-election. A 7–2 Republican majority on the Supreme Court is not out of the question if Democrats do not win the White House in November. It would take generations to undo the damage that would result from such a scenario.

But we say all of this with a heavy heart, knowing full-well that some victims of sexual harassment and/or assault may not be able to bring themselves to vote for former Vice President Joe Biden. In fact, this might be a case which constitutes an exception to our rule above: perhaps it is not incumbent upon everyone that they express their right to vote at the top of the ticket, especially if they have been personally victimized in some way by Biden’s behavior. We have no desire, no right, to tell these individuals what they must and must not do at the ballot box.

We do have a desire, though, to ensure that the powerful are held accountable. This includes speaking out about what Al Gore has referred to as “inconvenient truths.” Thoughtful and careful thinkers need to avoid the trap of blind partisanship, operating under the assumption that the figureheads of one’s own party can do no wrong. This is the modus operandi of much of the Republican base, but it cannot be that way amongst the Democratic Party. We must be able to admit and mourn over the fact that Obama’s administration deported 3 million human beings, more than all other administrations combined. We must be able to name and shame the fact that the Obama administration dropped a drone in the Middle East, on average, every 20 minutes over the course of his 8 years in office. We must be able to vocally oppose the problematic elements in Biden’s admittedly lengthy record in Washington. And we must be able to address the elephant in the room; namely, Biden’s self-acknowledged inappropriate behavior with women and the allegations of sexual assault (which his campaign denies).

But we must be able to do all of this while firmly maintaining that Joe Biden must defeat Donald Trump in November. The future of the planet demands bold and decisive action, and that requires an occupant in the White House who believes in the reality of climate change. The future of voting rights will be adjudicated by the Supreme Court, and this requires a Democratic majority. The financial recovery of our economy will be enacted by the House and the Senate, and this requires that Democrats win both in November.

Against all of those who would seek to weaponize our efforts to seek the truth pertaining to Biden’s alleged behavior, therefore, we are not at all interested in helping re-elect Trump. We want the truth, but we will not become propaganda. We want to hold the powerful accountable, but we will not tolerate those on the right or the left who contact us with illegitimate allegations about being victims of Biden that fail to stand up to basic scrutiny. Women deserve to be heard, but basic levels of credibility first need to be established before proceeding.

As things currently stand, therefore, the answer is clear:

Donald Trump must be defeated. And Joe Biden is, despite his flaws, the person to do it.

Joe Biden must win the election in November. But his victims must be given justice immediately after his inauguration.