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These are the theologians and writers who contribute to Theology Corner.

Richard Allen

Material Theology

Jonathan Anderson

A Daring Existence

Jacob Baker

The Wound and the Rupture

John Barclay III

Merely Christian

Morgan Bell

Armchair Theology

Carole Boshart

Pondering From the Pacific

Josiah Callaghan


Donald R. Clymer

Klymer Klatsch

Greg Colby

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Kayla Collins

Cognitive Dissonance

Emmanuel Cumplido

Word Framed World

Emily Cunningham

Outside In

David Michael Felsch


Garrett Eaglin

The Opening of the Religious Mind

Nicholas Paul Franks

Firebrand Notes

Paige Foreman

Surviving Faith

JAMES González

Christian Origins/Current Faith

Joanne Guarnieri Hagemeyer

Joanne Guarnieri Hagemeyer

Andrea Jenkins

The Politics of Theology

Matt Julius

From the Papers of One Still Learning

Josh de Keijzer

The End of God

Steve Kimes

The Radical Reformer

Griffin Lamb

In Search of Wonder

Tylor Lovins

Christianity Now

Gary T. McDonald


De Vuelta a lo Básico

Faith O'Leary


Shane O'Leary

Pain and Silence

John-Marc Ormechea

On the Corner of Theology and Applicable Philosophy

Denise T. Plichta

Redemptive History and Theology

Zac Poppen


Russell Price

Under The Sun

Luis Quinones-Roman


Ronald Reeser

A Dialogue with God

Argentina Reeves

Finding Liberation

Daniel Rempel

Pax Christi

Rolando Rodriguez

Theologies of Existence

Tyer Shenk

Theology After Evangelicalism

Emma Siewirski

Church Gets Real

D. C. Simmons

Fracture and Failure

Tyler Sprouse

Cruciform Musings

Stephen Waldron

Apocalypse and Analysis

Ross Worthy

Theology from the Badlands

Matt Wright

Sacramental Grace

V.R. Marianne Zahn


Giancarlo Zeni

Giancarlo Zeni

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