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These are the theologians and podcasters who contribute to Theology Corner.

A Better Story

Sam Altis

A Jew and a Gentile Walk into a Bar... Mitzvah

Charles Bretan & Chris Henson

Films and Faith

Neil Sedgwick

Friendly Anarchism

Katherine Maxfield

Lessons From Dead Guys

Ryan Cagle

Love Rinse Repeat

Liam Miller

Mindshift Podcast

Dr. Clint Heacock

Religionless Church

Mason Mennenga

Religious Socialism Podcast

Sarah Ngu

Sacred Tension

Stephen Bradford Long

Skeptical Mystic

Steven Jones

Soma Podcast

Robert Snitko

The Belief Books

Josh Namaan

The Deconstructionists

John and Adam

The Magnificast

Dean Dettloff & Matt Bernico

The Patristics Podcast

Ambrose Andreano


Sarah Elizabeth Smith

Call for Contributors

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