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Who Needs the Devil?

An excerpt from The Gospel of Thomas (the Younger) Now home from his recent wanderings, Jesus is speaking with his young nephew, Thomas, telling about his experiences: “At that time,” he said, “I was always pondering a...

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Episode 86: The Law and the Beatitudes

Episode 86 finds Dr. Charles, Rev. Chris, and Mother Helena…she said I could call her that in this episode… Anyway, we discuss cigars…big shocker there. Then we comment on the State of the Union address. And we talk about the similarities and differences between the Law and the Beatitudes. Does Jesus fulfill the law? Does Jesus make a departure from the Law? Be a mensch and give it a listen.

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Episode 85: The Decalogue & Beatitudes: The Ten Commandments in Popular Culture v. the Bible

In episode 85, The InterfaithED Triumvirate discuss the significant differences between the Ten Commandments we all think we know and the first 10 commandments in Sh’mot 20:1-15. Is this the first in a 613 part series? Stay tuned for music from our Indy House Band “Decalogue and the Beatitudes.”

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