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Wilberforce Ghost vs. the EATS Act: A Battle for What’s Right

Picture this: William Wilberforce, the hero who fought against slavery, coming back to life and checking out the EATS Act – a new law in the U.S. all about speeding up farm technology. If he could see it, he’d be super upset. Why? Because hidden in the EATS Act is something pretty terrible – it’s basically giving a big thumbs-up to factory farming.

Wilberforce, who spent his life freeing people from slavery, would be shocked by how similar the old human slave trade is to today’s factory farming of animals. He’d see the small, dirty cages like chains, the growth hormones and antibiotics as tools of control, and the brutal slaughterhouses as places of execution.

A Broken Legacy: From Fighting Chains to Animal Cages

Wilberforce once said we should be kind to all creatures, and he’d horrified by the cruelty built into the EATS Act. He wouldn’t see it as just a boost for farming; he’d see it as a green light to make animals suffer a lot. The idea that technology could used to treat animals badly would really bother him.

He’d notice the tricky change in words – like calling animals “livestock,” farms “production units,” and slaughterhouses “processing facilities.” These words try to make us forget that animals are living things, turning them into just parts of a big money-making machine. He’d say the EATS Act goes against everything he worked so hard to change.

More Than Just Easy Food: Doing What’s Right

Wilberforce, a guy who followed his faith and believed in being decent to others, would question the whole idea behind the EATS Act. He’d tell us that being kind and doing the right thing is more important than making things easy or getting more money. He say technology should used to help, not hurt, to free, not control. He’d push for smart ideas that take care of nature and everyone living on it. He’d cheer on plant-based options, proving that yummy and good-for-you food doesn’t have to come from hurting animals.

Time to Act: Hearing Wilberforce Call

Wilberforce would tell us to stand up against the EATS Act. He’d want us to protest, say no to it, and keep pushing for laws that make sense. He say that real progress isn’t about using tech to make animals suffer; it’s about changing our hearts and minds, being kind, and making the world fair and caring.

He’d inspire us to be like him, fighting for what we believe in, for a world where animals don’t suffer. He’d want us to get mad, to keep pushing until the cages gone, the bad hormones banned, and slaughterhouses a thing of the past.

The EATS Act might show off our cool tech, but it also shows where we’re failing morally. Wilberforce’s ghost like a reminder: our society not judged by fancy tech, but by how kind we are to those who need it most – whether they’re human or animal. Let his words stay with us, urging us to rewrite the EATS Act, not with pens on paper, but with a strong commitment to what’s right. That’s the only way to honor a man who fought for the freedom of all.


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